Train FAQ

How long do we have in Silverton?

The stop in Silverton is 2 hours and 15 minutes. You’ll have 2 hours to stroll around, shop and eat lunch, before boarding the train 15 minutes prior to departure.

Some passengers choose to take a bus one-way to/from Silverton, can arrange more or less time in town. There is also the possibility of spending the night in Silverton with our Layover package.

How long is the train ride?

Summer train – A one-way trip from Durango to Silverton, or vice-versa, is 3.5 hours. An 8:00am departure from Durango arrives in Silverton at 11:30am, departs there at 1:45pm, arriving in Durango at 5:15pm

Winter train – A round trip ride from Durango to Cascade Canyon is about 4 hours of travel time, 2 hours each way, with 55 minutes at the Cascade stop.

Can we spend the night in Silverton?

Sure! You can ride the train from Durango to Silverton, spend a night or two, then return on the train. There’s no extra charge for this.

How old is the train?

The train began hauling both passengers and freight from Durango to Silverton in 1882. It’s been continuously running ever since.

How fast does the train go?

The train can reach 18 miles per hour.

Can I bring my dog on the train?

Nope, unfortunately, you have to keep fido at home. We can suggest a doggie day care option for you. No live animals are permitted, except for registered service dogs.

What should I wear?

Clothing, dress in layers. Summer weather is generally warm, but the Rockies can bring snow even in July. A jacket, sunscreen and visor are good to have.

What is the price of a one-way ticket?

One-way tickets to Silverton from Durango are the same as round trip tickets and sold as such. One-way tickets from Silverton to Durango are $70 for a Coach Car, versus $89 round-trip.

Is the train museum free, and what are the hours?

Yes, it’s free! Created in 1998, the 12,000 square foot museum is open daily during the peak summer season from 7am-7pm; May, early June and October, the museum is 7am-6pm. In the winter it’s open from 1pm-4pm on dates when the train is running.

I’m handicapped. Can I ride the train? Which car?

There is one wheelchair-accessible car with an accessible bathroom and lift service. Wheelchairs can be locked in position. Because there is only one wheelchair-accessible car in the fleet, PLEASE CALL AHEAD and ask for the ADA car when booking.

If you can be helped in your seat, you can ride anywhere on the train. Wheelchairs can be stored for free in the baggage car.

Where can you park your car?

Parking is at a Durango Train Depot has a designated parking lot located at 209 W College Ave. It’s $8-10 depending on size the of vehicle. Visit our train parking page for more a map.

Does the train serve food and drink?

Yes, food and drinks are served on the Concession Car, including beer, wine and mixed drinks.

Where are the bathrooms on the train?

Every closed coach has a restroom, as well as several of the deluxe and first class cars.

Can you bring your own food on the train?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks on-board the train. However, no glass or alcohol is permitted. Alcohol may be purchased in the Concession Car.

General FAQ

How are the restaurants in town?

Durango is loaded with fare, suitable for any budget and taste bud. Visit our dining page to view our favorites. Silverton has a more limited selection, though still a great variety of choices for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What’s the elevation?

Durango’s elevation is 6,512 feet. Silverton’s is 9,308 feet.

What’s the weather like in summer?

At Durango’s lowered elevation, relative to Silverton, the days are usually long, warm and sunny. Afternoon thunder/rainstorms tend to happen earlier in the summer, May and June. Mornings and evenings in Colorado get chilly. At 3,000 feet higher, summer in Silverton brings fantastic days that are about 10° cooler, peaking around 85°F.

What’s there to do for fun?

Southwest Colorado is an adventurer’s paradise. There’s much to see and do around every turn, from ancient cliff dwellings and ghost town to whitewater rafting and ziplining. We share some of our favorite things to do.